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If you wish to set up a UK company to for group holdings, domestic and international trade or intellectual property maximisation we can help you with all aspects from formation to annual statutory maintenance and compliance.

We can assist with the formation and statutory maintenance of an LTD, PLC and LLP entity

We provide estate planning consultancy. We register yachts and aircrafts in multiple jurisdictions. Additionally we provide crewing and personnel services and administration of ownership structures.

Limited Companies – LTD

The most commonly used corporate form is the Limited Company (LTD). It is the equivalent of an Italian SRL.

A limited company is the most common form of a company in the UK. The formation is done  electronically through software linked directly to Companies House and the new company will be registered within one or two days.

The minimum paid-up share capital is £100. The corporate purpose is very broad allowing you to use the Ltd according to your needs and business opportunities. We can provide registered officers.


Public Limited Company – PLC

Unlike the Ltd a Joint stock company must have a minimum authorized capital of £50,000, a quarter must be paid-up immediately in order to make the PLC fully operational. It requires at least two owners (shareholders) and two directors and a company secretary. Your physical presence in London is not required. No residency restrictions are required from the parties involved.


Limited Liabilities Partnership – LLP

An LLP is a form of legal business entity with limited liability. Two or more individuals or companies may form an LLP. Whilst the business is legally a body corporate and in many ways similar to a LTD, the partners can limit their personal liability and avoid putting their personal assets at risk. An LLP is taxed as a partnership. An important feature of an LLP, which distinguishes it from a limited company, is that the members are able to agree on the rights and duties that they owe each other.

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